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  Loan process

Centennial Mortgages understands that the loan application process should be made as simple as possible. We offer personalised service at every process.

1. Initial contact
Client to sign:
  1. Disclosure Form
  2. Comparative Rates Forms
Your loan application will be reviewed
Liaison regarding further details where applicable
Borrower income verification
2. Loan approval
Confirmation letter of loan approval
Conditional approval may be subject to valuation of security property and mortgage insurance
Letter of Disclosure
Preparation of loan contract and mortgage documentation
3. Legals
Loan contract and mortgage documents are forwarded to borrower
Solicitor liaises with client and lender regarding loan contract and documentation
All parties agree to the term and conditions of the loan contract
Signing of loan contract and mortgage documents
4. Loan settlement
Borrower’s requirements have been met and loan is available for settlement.
Conformation letter of loan settlement
Conformation details of loan product, repayment schedule and other terms