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The following are required for a loan application. There may be situations where more information is required depending on the circumstances of the borrowers.

1. Application form
2. Evidence of income
Employed - 2 of the following:
2 recent payslips
Letter from employer
Most recent tax return and notice assessment
Self Employed - for all individuals, companies, partnerships and trusts:-
Most recent lodged tax return and notice of assessment (individuals)
Previous lodged tax return and notice of assessment (individuals)
Financial statements for most recent year and previous year (other)
Tax returns for most recent and previous year.
3. Existing property and loan
Most recent council rates notice
Last 6 months loan statements
Last 6 months rental statements (for investment properties)
4. Other assets and liabilities
Current bank statement showing account balance
Current superannuation statement
Share certificates
Last 3 months credit card statements
Last 6 month personal loan or car loan statements
Last 6 months hire purchase or lease statement for a vehicle
5. Identification (must achieve 100 points)
Drivers license in colour copy (40 Points)
Passport or birth certificate (70 Points)
Medicare card (25 points)
ATM or credit card (25 Points)
5. New purchases
Copy of front page of contract for sale
FHOG application if applicable